Winslips Lottery System Review

An honest review by someone who uses it - AND WINS!

Using the Winslips Lottery System - My Personal Experience

I first purchased the Inverted Lottery System on July 18, 2010.  This was one of the systems that the Winslips Lottery System was born from.   It was a pencil and paper system that was affordible both to purchase and to play,  with a radically new approach.  It explained in depth how the system worked, and it made sense to me. I felt comfortable with it from the beginning.

The program came with templates that you would print out and use to pick the numbers that you wanted to play.  Each template is unique, in that the panels were set up in a very specific pattern to rotate the missing numbers in them.  This is one of the winning properties in this lottery system. There was a "table of odds"  formula at the bottom of the sheet to make sure you had the correct number of  "rows" and "columns", and each template is very game specific.

It was suggested that you do not deliberately pick your numbers, to always pick them randomly, so I did as suggested, I got a deck of cards, and put the numbers to the game I was playing on the cards.  I used the cards to pick my lottery numbers for the templates that were supplied with the Inverted Lottery system.

After choosing the lottery numbers I wanted to play,  I had to verify that my  numbers fell into a certain range to be winning combinations. This range is one of the lottery systems secrets to winning the lottery.   I started to win!   Small amounts at first, but consistantly. It was never costing what I was paying to play.  I wasn't winning anything before, when I was just picking my numbers at random.  I started using this lottery winning system at every drawing. I made a chart to kept track of my lottery expenses. My cost / winnings.   Once I hit 4 numbers on the Fantasy 5 and won $500.00, I was a believer!  See chart below:

Lottery Expense Tracker Form

But as you can see,  the Inverted Lottery System took time to figure out your numbers each time you played, especially if you changed them.  It took  quite a bit of work!  So,  I was really excited to see that a new online version was created by Stefan, that took the work out of it! 

It took no time at all to learn this new Lottery program.  And boy was the upgrade worth it!  It only took me minutes to figure out my numbers for several games.  This was becoming a FUN hobby....and I could not wait to see the results after the drawing.  Most of the time, it paid for my next round ot tickets.  Some times it got me. The challenge is on!

There is also a Blog that  Stefan puts out with lottery results that proofs out  the accuracy of the Winslips Lottery SystemGO HERE. Joining is FREE.

The girls down at the corner station are gettting to know me pretty well.

Remember, this is an account of my experience with using  the program,  to go to  the actual website - click here. and join me now.


3/11/15  Well I have tried OTHER systems.  One swears it is the BEST.  I have
used all three.....but I still get the most wins from Winslips.  It is the least expensive to play....and the most accurate.  I still like being able to block out the last numbers from the platform, prior to the system making the number choices.  Winslips....still has my vote!